What time should you plan your symbolic wedding ceremony?
What time should you plan your symbolic wedding ceremony?
2 May 2017
Wedding ceremony: Celebrant tips in case of rain
Wedding ceremony: Celebrant tips in case of rain
21 July 2017

Decoration tips for your indoor symbolic wedding

For many couples, a dream symbolic wedding ceremony must take place outdoors. You could not be more wrong! An indoor symbolic wedding ceremony can be just as magical. If this option is often perceived as the Plan B, the second choice alternative in case of bad weather, some couples deliberately choose to have their symbolic wedding ceremony indoors because they simply fell in love with an old barn, a pretty private chapel or the stunning reception room of a chateau.

So, how to enhance the beauty of your chosen ceremony spot? Explore the place, take photos, identify the features which influenced your choice then choose colours and materials to enhance the charm of the place.

First ingredient: The « altar ». It could be an arch which can be made out of wood, metal, bamboo, etc. If you don’t like the idea of an arch or if logistics issues don’t allow you to have one, use, for example, a beautiful stone wall as your background. Make it a key feature with hanging drapes, fabrics and ribbons, feathers and/or dream catchers.

Another idea to enhance your feature wall: Hang glass baubles containing flowers or tea lights for a sumptuous light curtain.

For a vintage look, give objects of daily use in an unexpected way: A old screen, an old wooden door, old shutters, a wall made of old books, etc.

For a simple feel, simply hang a large piece of white cloth where you can write your names, a message, a poem.

Show your true colours: Flags, fairy lights, origami, paper hearts, etc. Do not hesitate to use your favourite colours for a fun and festive look which you can also use for the chairs.

Second ingredient: The aisle. For a warm and traditional atmosphere, place photophores, small floral arrangements, lanterns along the wedding aisle.

Once again, use all sorts of containers such as bottles, water cans, jars, milk jugs, etc. Combine sizes, shapes and forms.

For a more « Royal » look, place a wedding aisle rug making sure it is securely fixed to avoid tripping.

Decoration tips wedding ceremony

Third ingredient: The entrance. The great thing about an indoor wedding ceremony is that, unlike outside, there is a clear entrance such as doorway, a gate, etc. Take advantage of it and enhance it with flower arrangements, columns, pegs with lanterns or hanging flower jars or even a ribbon, which you can ask an usher, a witness or your maid of honour to cut or untie to announce your entrance. Write a message for your guests on a blackboard or a panel placed on an easel.

Decoration tips wedding ceremony

Fourth ingredient: Light. Use as many light sources as you wish: Candles, chandeliers, paper lanterns, illuminated letters or objects, etc. Place them everywhere: Along the aisle, near the altar, against the walls, on the ceiling, etc.

Decoration tips wedding ceremony

Finally, an indoor wedding ceremony offers a major advantage: You are not dependent on the weather therefore you can indulge yourself with lavish furniture: Make yourself comfortable during the ceremony with a stunning sofa. Replace traditional chairs with armchairs of different style, colour and shape for your guests. For an even more cozy feel “Boudoir style”, place every 4 or 5 seat around a small coffee table.

I hope I convinced you that an indoor ceremony is not just a last resort and offers countless decoration opportunities. For a deco coaching session or a personalised quotation, do not hesitate to contact me on celiadeco@unique-ceremonies.fr


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