Severine, Wedding Celebrant Brittany
Severine Wedding Celebrant Brittany
11 June 2019
Sara Wedding Celebrant Occitanie
Sara Wedding Celebrant Occitanie
14 June 2019
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Gabriel Wedding Celebrant Occitanie

Gabriel Wedding Celebrant Occitanie

Gabriel Wedding Celebrant Occitanie

Dear Bride & Groom,

My name is Gabriel and it is a pleasure to be part of Unique Ceremonies with Magali as your future Wedding Celebrant.

I am Franco-Portuguese based in the South West of France and I initially trained as an Economist and a Translator in five languages. As part of my day job, I deal on a daily basis with translation, team coordination and training in the field of Intellectual Property and Oil and Gas. I hear you thinking, “Not very glamourous”, however, I national and international environments are both parts of my personal and professional activities and I would love to use my experience to create an exceptional moment for you.

I am very pleased to offer my celebrant services as a member of the Unique Ceremonies team in the Pyrénées Atlantiques, Hautes Pyrénées, south of Landes, Haute Garonne, Gers and Gironde areas. This beautiful part of the country is where I am from and I am sure that, if you have the opportunity to discover and enjoy the warm climate, the gorgeous and varied scenery and breathtaking landscapes, you will decide to get married there! Ancient forests, coastal hidden gems by the Atlantic Ocean, the Pyrénées will, for sure, inspire you to host your Unique wedding event. Just imagine a beautiful mansion, a flowered garden to celebrate your union & your commitment with all your loved ones around you & the most magical wedding ceremony celebrated by Unique Ceremonies!

As your wedding celebrant, I would be honoured to coordinate, design and celebrate your wedding ceremony and make sure that your ceremony reflects perfectly your history, your passions & your values. I will have the pleasure to get to know you and find out what makes you who you are & what your dream ceremony should include. For this reason, it is essential that you feel comfortable with me and willing to share personal information so that your wedding ceremony is relevant to each of you and to your guests.

To achieve the most magical result, I will use the information you will kindly share with me as well as well as information and anecdotes provided by some of your loved ones and I will do my utmost to offer you a quality bespoke celebrant service with a French touch.

Please browse through our website, get a feel of how we work as celebrant. I hope our website will inspire you and encourage you to get in touch. If you are planning your wedding ceremony in Pyrénées Atlantiques (64), Landes (40), Hautes Pyrénées (65), Haute-Garonne (31), Gers (32) or Gironde (33), please contact me!

Gabriel De Figueiredo

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