Virginie, Wedding Celebrant since 2012
Virginie Wedding Celebrant since 2012
10 October 2016
My First Wedding Ceremony in France
My First Wedding Ceremony in France
10 October 2016

Magali, Wedding Celebrant since 2009

Magali, celebrant since 2009

My name is Magali. I am French born in Normandy and I live near Poitiers in the Poitou Charente region or Nouvelle Aquitaine region as it is now called. I have lived in the UK for over 10 years where I held several marketing management positions. In 2006 I moved back to France and decided to work as a freelance translator.

You may be wondering how, as a professional translator, I became a wedding celebrant and ended up creating Unique Ceremonies in 2009.

I am convinced that things happen for a reason. I enjoyed working as a translator, however, as a naturally sociable and open person, I suffered from the lack of communication. A freelance translator tends to work alone in front of her computer and I found this loneliness rather frustrating. I had been thinking about taking up another activity which would allow me to meet other people whilst using my languages skills and learning about other cultures.

I have always enjoyed writing, carefully choosing words to express an idea, a thought, an emotion. My writing skills came in extremely handy when I decided to offer a personalized ceremony writing & celebration service as it involved writing about the couple’s story.

I celebrated my very first wedding ceremony in 2009 for a lovely French/American couple who wished to mark their union in a beautiful château set in a lovely village near Poitiers with their loved ones as witnesses. I realized I was in my element and decided to pursue this exciting venture. I created Unique Ceremonies the following year.

I take great pleasure in celebrating the wedding ceremony however what I enjoyed the most is the preparation phase during which I get to know the bride and groom, their loved ones and develop with them all a trusting relationship which encourages them to confide in me. Then it is my role to write about them with carefully chosen words.

10 years on, I have had the pleasure to celebrate over 100 ceremonies, in English, French or in both languages. I enjoy every ceremony as if it was my very first one. I feel so proud and privileged when couples tell me how much they enjoyed this special moment and have the same feeling of a job well done when I see the smile of their face.