Wedding Celebrant a Real Added Value
Wedding Celebrant a Real Added Value
4 September 2017
A sparkling idea for your symbolic wedding ceremony: The cocktail ritual
A sparkling idea for your symbolic wedding ceremony: The cocktail ritual
10 December 2017

Rachel, bilingual Wedding Celebrant in Nouvelle Aquitaine since 2017

Rachel, our new bilingual Wedding Celebrant for Nouvelle Aquitaine

Dear bride & groom,

My name is Rachel & I’m the newbie! I’m a British national & have lived in France just over half my life. I finished my education in France therefore I’m fluent in French & will be celebrating bilingual & English wedding ceremonies for bi-national couples & for an international clientele wishing to celebrate their union in France.

I met Magali while planning mine & my husband’s wedding, which resulted in choosing her to be our celebrant. In fact, I had already set my mind on using Unique Ceremonies’ services years before my husband even asked me to marry him! I fell in love with the idea of a romantic outdoor wedding ceremony & after speaking to Magali & listening to her talk so passionately about her work, I was hooked!

During our first meeting, I mentioned that I had just quit my desk job & was looking to convert to a completely different field of work. Magali joked at the time about me becoming part of her team & although I didn’t see myself filling those shoes at the time, she planted a seed of thought in my mind that flourished over the course of the next few months.

Just a few weeks before our big day, I contacted Magali about becoming part of the team, she was « thrilled » as she put it, however with my wedding so close, we both agreed, first thing’s first: Let’s get my wedding out of the way before taking care of other people’s wedding!

The outcome ? Our ceremony was perfect, Magali was perfect, her already unquestionable professionalism and warm nature became truly apparent, as did the extent of the work involved in preparing our secular wedding ceremony in such a beautifully bespoke manner. I was confident I was going to be in excellent hands, my decision was made.

So, here I am, excited, delighted & utterly proud to become part of the Unique Ceremonies’ team.

I am looking forward to contributing towards creating those unforgettable wedding memories for you & your loved ones.

Rest assured, I am learning from the very best & am determined not to disappoint!

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