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Discover the Bastide de Courcelles
12 December 2016
Invite your pet to your wedding ceremony
Invite your pet to your wedding ceremony
13 February 2017
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Choosing a loved one as your celebrant, good or bad idea?

Choosing a loved one as your celebrant, good or bad idea?

Choosing a loved one as your celebrant, good or bad idea?

Dear brides & grooms,

You are thinking of asking a loved one to be your celebrant for your wedding ceremony? At first sight, it may seem like the obvious choice as your loved ones are the most likely to know you well therefore it should be easy for them to prepare a wedding ceremony which reflects exactly who you are.

This thinking process seems to make sense so far however, now you need to choose the right person. 1st hurdle: You will need to come to terms with the fact that by choosing one person you may hurt other people’s feelings. Why choose one sister over another? Why choose your best mate at work over your childhood friend? Why choose someone from your entourage rather than your other half’s? I am afraid I cannot help you with your choice! All I can advise you is Diplomacy, Diplomacy, Diplomacy.

2nd hurdle: It is crucial that you choose the perfect candidate for the job. For example, if your best friend is shy and tends to turn beetroot red each time they have to say something in public, they will without a doubt have many sleepless nights and threaten to have a nervous breakdown before the Big Day.

Besides, if your potential celebrant is quite reserved, they may not dare turn down your offer, not to offend you as, for most people, being asked to be the master of ceremony can be perceived as an honour but also as a heavy responsibility. As a consequence, make sure not to choose someone who is likely to panic on the Big Day, stumble on every word and shake uncontrollably as it would undoubtedly affect the quality of your ceremony. In other words, I strongly recommend that you do not impose this highly important mission on someone simply because that someone happens to be your best friend.

I would suggest that you choose an outgoing individual who is comfortable with public speaking thanks to a natural confidence or suitable professional experience. Choose someone who will actually enjoy preparing and celebrating your ceremony.

Choosing a loved one as your celebrant

However, make sure you do not choose someone too extravert and happy to be in the spotlight as they may focus on being the centre of attention and steal the show!

In summary, a good celebrant needs to:

  • Know you both well

  • Be patient and able to identify your expectations rather than imposing their own ideas.

  • Be able to write well & speak in front of lot of people

  • Be charismatic and articulate

  • Be organized as they will need to liaise with many people (readings, music, text, etc.).

I hope this post will help you make the right choice. If you decide to use the services of a professional celebrant, do not hesitate to contact me.