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Our approach is to make sure that you and your guests cherish a lifelong memory of your ceremony.

We truly believe that the content of your bespoke wedding ceremony primarily depends on the relationship we establish with you. For this reason, we take the time to listen to you, identify your needs and address any concerns you may have. 

We answer all your questions and we will have lots of questions for you too as your answers will be useful for us to create your dream wedding ceremony. We will therefore send you a questionnaire to find out more about you. Everything you will share with us, even the smallest details will be helpful.

The next phase is when we put together a selection of personalised documents such as examples of ceremony contents, advice sheets, ideas of songs, readings and poems, etc. These documents should help you determine what you would or would not like to include in your bespoke wedding ceremony, how it should be run and which tone should be given to your wedding celebration. Once you have taken in the information we gave you, we will ask you to write up your wish list. Don’t panic! We are not expecting you to write the content of your ceremony. It’s our job! All you need to do is to draw up a list of the key stages you would like to include in your ceremony, wordings which mean something to you, etc. Once we have your wish list, we will be ready to write up the first draft of your ceremony for you, which we will send to you for approval. We will then arrange a meeting with you to discuss the content of the draft and make the necessary amends until you are entirely happy with it.

On the Big Day, your celebrant shall be at your chosen wedding venue approx. 1 hour before the start of your ceremony. This will be the opportunity for your celebrant to meet your guests and the other wedding professionals involved in the running of your ceremony and finalise any last minute logistics details.

At the end of your ceremony, your celebrant will inform your guests about what happens next (congratulations, photo session, cocktail, etc.) and will offer you your wedding booklet which contains the text of your ceremony, a copy of your vows and your wedding certificate. You celebrant will be delighted to share a celebratory drink with you and your guests and will then make a discreet exit when the right moment comes in order to let you enjoy this very special moment with your loved ones.

For more information and a free initial telephone or via a conference call

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