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Unique Ceremonies was founded by Magali, bilingual wedding celebrant since 2009.

Today Unique Ceremonies is a team of 4 celebrants: Magali ran the business by herself until 2012 when her longtime friend Virginie joined the adventure and started to officiate in the South of France. Then, Estelle joined the team in 2014 to take care of the French clientele. Finally, Richard joined the company this year and exclusively looks after the English-speaking clientele.

Between the 4 of them, the Unique Ceremonies celebrants officiate in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region and in the South of France, however, due tu the increasing popularity of the symbolic wedding ceremony in France, other celebrants will be recruited and trained soon to cover other parts of France.

Until then, meet Magali, Virginie, Estelle & Richard on our blog or click on the button below “Read More”.

Magali, Wedding Celebrant since 2009
My name is Magali. I am French born in Normandy just over 30, sorry, 40 years ago. I live near Poitiers in the Poitou Charente region. I have lived in the UK for over 10 years where I held several marketing management positions. In 2006 I moved back to France and decided to work as a freelance translator.
You may be wondering how, as a professional translator, I became a wedding celebrant and ended up creating Unique Ceremonies in 2009.
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Magali - Founder Unique Ceremonies - Wedding Celebrant France
Virginie - Unique Ceremonies - Wedding Celebrant France

Virginie, Wedding Celebrant since 2012
My name is Virginie. Magali and I have been friends for over 20 years. We completed the same studies and went to the same university. Later on we worked abroad and we regularly met in all corners of the globe. Thanks to our experiences, we both learned about the many cultural differences, which we found extremely interesting.
In 2011, Magali offered me to join her in this new venture
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Estelle, Wedding Celebrant since 2014
My name is Estelle. Qualified in Law, I also work as a legal trainer. I believe that Magali, whom I have known for over 10 years, appreciated how comfortable I am with public speaking so she offered to join the team in 2014. Unlike Magali, Virginie & Richard, My English is limited therefore I am delighted to take care of the French clientele.
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Estelle - Unique Ceremonies - Wedding Celebrant France
Richard - Wedding Celebrant

Richard, Wedding Celebrant since 2016

My name is Richard. I am British and recently acquired French citizenship as I have lived in France near Poitiers for over 10 years. I have an engineering background and I joined Unique Ceremonies just this year! I am therefore the only male celebrant in the team! I celebrate wedding ceremonies in English for an international clientele who wishes to gather family and friends in France to celebrate their love with a personalized wedding ceremony with a French touch.
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Celia, Our Decoration Expert

Dear Bride & Groom,

As I recently joined the Unique Ceremonies, I thought I’d introduce myself to you. Aged 38, I am the « baby » of the team. I am the proud mum of two beautiful girls and married the love of my life just over a year ago.

My professional background? Metrological engineer in the Energy Industry. Not much to do with wedding decoration I give you that!

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Celia - Our Decoration Expert