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Dear Bride & Groom,

Unique Ceremonies Celebrants have been able to join the team not only due to their writing and celebration skills but also because they are all passionate about weddings and thrive to make couples feel as special and unique as possible.

They understand that many brides & grooms consider their wedding ceremony in France as their ” real ” wedding despite its merely symbolic value. For this reason, Unique Ceremonies Celebrants genuinely take an interest in getting to know the couples they have the pleasure to meet, listening to them and suggesting ideas to suit them.
In its early days, Unique Ceremonies used to offer a whole range of services (Writing only, celebration only, etc.) but, as years went by, it became clear that most couples were interested in the most comprehensive offer: Bespoke Writing and Celebration Service.

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Our Writing & Celebration service is a comprehensive offer which guarantees you the design and celebration of a bespoke ceremony prepared exclusively for you.

Our Writing & Celebration offer includes the following:

Let’s have a date: We meet you in person or via a conference call. This initial meeting is the opportunity for us to get to know each other and allows you to ask us any questions you may have at this stage regarding the writing and the celebration of your symbolic wedding ceremony in France.

Let’s take things further: We send you a detailed questionnaire each which you have to complete separately in as much detail as possible. We love it when some couples decide not to read each other’s answers until after the ceremony as it adds to the mystery but you are too impatient and cannot wait until then, it’s fine! We are not asking you to complete the questionnaires to satisfy our own curiosity (well, only a little bit then). The aim is to find out about who you are, what your tastes, your values and your expectations are.

Make your choice: We read your questionnaires carefully and write a selection of personalised guidance documents for you which should help you decide what to include in your wedding ceremony. Amongst these documents, you will find for examples, a list of ceremony stages likely to suit you, suggestions of vows, readings, music and rituals.

We investigate: Whilst you are busy reading through our documents, we contact some of your loved ones (mainly those likely to take part in the ceremony with a reading, a song, etc.) to ask them questions about you, help them decide on how they wish to be involved or help them prepare a surprise for you.

We write your story: We write up the first draft of your ceremony using the information we collected from yourselves and your loved ones. We submit this proposal to you for discussion and make all the necessary changes until you are perfectly happy with the running order, the content, the tone of your ceremony. Important : With your permission, we only give you access to approximately 40% of the whole content of your ceremony, which you will only discover on the Big Day.

We keep in touch: We regularly liaise with you on the phone, via email, Skype, etc. and work together with you until the Big Day in order to make sure that your wedding ceremony meets your expectations and runs smoothly.

Rehearsal (optional): If you wish, we meet the day before the ceremony at your chosen wedding venue in order to proceed with a rehearsal. The purpose of this rehearsal is not to go through the actual content of the ceremony as it is crucial that your emotions remain as intact as possible until your wedding day. We will mainly focus on the logistics matters such as the music, your entrance, the exchange of rings, the role of the bridal party, etc.
Some couples decide not to have a rehearsal as they fear it may take out some of the spontaneity whilst others feel reassured if they do go through the running order of their ceremony beforehand. For this reason, rehearsal is optional but will not be charged extra except for travel expenses if applicable.

It’s the Big Day! Your celebrant is on site at least 1 hour before the ceremony starts in order to mingle with the guests, check out last minute details with your DJ, band, wedding planner, photographer, etc.). Your celebrant celebrates your union and offers you your wedding booklet after the ceremony (including the whole script and your wedding certificate if you wish to sign one).

If you like the way we work and are tempted by our Wedding Ceremony Writing & Celebration Service, do not hesitate to contact us.

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