How much costs a wedding celebrant in France?
How much costs a wedding celebrant in France?
7 December 2016
Discover the Bastide de Courcelles
Discover the Bastide de Courcelles
12 December 2016

Use a tree as your wedding ceremony arch

If you wish to mark your union with a secular wedding ceremony held outdoors under the sun or at nightfall, do not hesitate to take advantage of what Mother Nature has to offer. If your wedding venue has a beautiful tree alley or a centenary oak or cedar tree, why not use it as the decorative centrepiece for your ceremony. Here is a few ideas to choose from:

  • Natural look: Take advantage of a large tree and use subtle decoration to simply enhance the tree’s natural beauty rather than covering it. For example, drape a generous length of light, thin fabric around a high branch and let it hang down both sides to create an arch maybe with a stunning antique chandelier. Place flowers in jars and candles on the ground and you will achieve a simple but effective.

  • Say it with flowers: Make pretty garlands made with foliage and fresh flowers, hang them on the tree branches and let them sway in the wind or use them as a natural backdrop to your natural arch. Fix different-coloured bouquets: Use different heights, different containers (glass bottles, jam jars, etc.).

  • Paper flowers: DIY is still a popular concept, which is great news as you can achieve the best look even on a shoestring: Play with colours, shapes, sizes & textures. Cut out pretty paper butterflies and fix them all around the tree trunk. Define your own space for your ceremony “altar” (Sorry! Could not think of a better word for it!) and for your guests. Cut out origami shapes, put them on little sticks (such as skewers) and plant them along the aisle. Flowers, hearts, flowers, flags, the world is your oyster!

  • Hang things up: The Bohemian look is still very trendy so let your imagination run wild: Dream catchers, ribbons, pretty bird cages with fresh wild flowers. For a more vintage feel, go for lace, hemp and macramé. Hang antique picture frames, tassels and sequins for a touch of romance. If you prefer a more simple look, mixing white balloons or paper lanterns with foliage will do the trick.

  • Light things up: For a magical night time wedding ceremony held outdoors, decorate your main tree with many fairy lights. For an even more romantic feel, add some lanterns, candle jars, etc. the more the better.

  • For an original touch: Hang a swing to a tree branch (preferably a solid one 😉 ) for a romantic and surprising touch. You can use the swing for a fun and pretty photo shoot.

Have fun ! For more decoration tips, contact Celia

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