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8 November 2016
How much costs a wedding celebrant in France?
How much costs a wedding celebrant in France?
7 December 2016
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Who said an Autumn Marriage is Dull!

Who said an Autumn Marriage is Dull!

Who said an Autumn Marriage is Dull!

You may be tempted by an autumn wedding because this season reminds you of the time you first met, when your other half proposed or when your child came into the world. Or, you simply wish to get off the beaten tracks and not go for the traditional summer wedding. Excellent idea! Spring & summer weddings are traditionally the most frequent, however autumn weddings are becoming increasingly popular as autumn is a beautiful time of year which also offers many positive attributes.

An autumn wedding gives you the opportunity to make a statement and surprise your guests with an unexpected “Save the Date card”! In the autumn, Mother Nature offers gorgeous foliage showing stunning shades of gold, brown, red and copper and allows you to easily create a warm and intimate ambiance.

Organising a destination wedding in the autumn is also less stressful: Vendors are not running around like headless chickens as they normally do in the summer, you will find more wedding venues available and often at off-peak season rates. Moreover, the “Rain” factor is less of an issue as you know that it is likely to happen. As a wedding celebrant in France since 2009, I have witnessed the stress level brides & grooms usually face when organising a summer wedding: They frantically check weather forecasts every 20 minute, scrutinise the sky with anxiety, fearing that rain may invite itself to the festivities.

As, at this time of year, a wider range of venues is available, carefully choose one which offers indoor and outdoor alternatives. For example, an old building with beams, fireplaces, large deep windows with beautiful lintels, an elegant conservatory or an orangerie to enjoy the fresh air even if it rains as well as a garden with centenary trees.

As I was talking about wedding ceremonies earlier, how about marking your union with a symbolic wedding ceremony which could take place in an intimate reception room warmed by a log fire, a beautiful courtyard sheltered from the wind by an ancient stone-build wall covered with Virginia creeper. If you feel strongly about holding your wedding ceremony outdoors, make sure your guests are warm and comfortable thanks to outdoor heaters, fire pits, blankets, scarves and gloves.

Indulge yourself with a chic and cosy outfit: Fitting long-sleeved dress with a warm throw over your shoulder and, of course, an autumnal bridal bouquet with seasonal flowers such as dahlia, chrysanthemum, hydrangea and anemone.

As for decorations, the other good thing about the autumn is that Mother Nature offers you a wide variety of colours and elements to create an elegant and natural look. All you need to know is to go for a stroll in the countryside and woods and collect different shade leaves, twigs, branches, pine cones, acorns, bark and moss.

After the ceremony, warm yourselves up with some mulled wine, a chestnut cocktail and ask your caterer to prepare roasted chestnuts or a nettle soup for an original twist!

I got married on the 31st of December

Photo credit: Ava Hague

I forgot to mention that, as I got married on the 31st of December, I am a big fan of autumn & winter weddings! Hmm, I wonder who this bride is on the photo!