My First Wedding Ceremony in France
My First Wedding Ceremony in France
10 October 2016
Célia, our Wedding Decoration Expert
Célia, our Wedding Decoration expert
11 October 2016
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Cocktail – A fun ritual for your wedding ceremony

Cocktail - A fun ritual for your wedding ceremony

Cocktail - A fun ritual for your wedding ceremony

Are you looking for a fun ritual for your symbolic wedding ceremony? Have you heard of the cocktail ritual?

There are plenty of theories floating around in old cocktail books, most of them based on nothing more solid than suppositions but what appears to be a very popular story, has to do with a innkeeper named Betsy Flanagan. Her husband was killed in the revolution, and she herself was considered to be one of the heroes of the revolution. In 1779 she opened an inn near Yorktown, which was frequented by American and French soldiers.

Nearby to the inn was an Englishman who raised chickens. Probably due to the current political climate, Betsy was none too fond of this neighbour and she loved to promise her American and French patrons that one day she would serve them a meal of roast chicken. To which her guests would often mock her, claiming that this was all bravado and that she would never carry through with it.

On an evening that saw an unusual number of officers gathering at her inn, Betsy invited them into the living room, where they were served a grand meal of chicken, freshly “acquired” from the English neighbour. When the meal was over, Betsy moved her guests to the bar, where she proudly served up rounds of “Bracer” (which was a popular drink recipe at the inn). Betsy had decorated each drink with a tail-feather from the recently consumed chickens. To this, the officers gave three cheers to celebrate the defeat of this one particular Englishman. “Let’s have some more cocktail” one officer proclaimed. To which a French officer added “Vive le cocktail!”, and the drinking continued long into the night.

But enough of the history lesson! Today, the cocktail ritual is increasingly popular with couples who wish to share a privileged moment with their loved ones during their symbolic wedding ceremony.