Cocktail - A fun ritual for your wedding ceremony
Cocktail – A fun ritual for your wedding ceremony
10 October 2016
Role of your Wedding Celebrant
Role of your Wedding Celebrant
11 October 2016
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Célia, our Wedding Decoration expert

Célia, our Wedding Decoration Expert

Célia, our Wedding Decoration expert

Dear Bride & Groom,

As I recently joined the Unique Ceremonies, I thought I’d introduce myself to you. Aged 38, I am the « baby » of the team. I am the proud mum of two beautiful girls and married the love of my life just over a year ago.

My professional background? Metrological engineer in the Energy Industry. Not much to do with wedding decoration I give you that!

My professional background did not exactly prepare me for wedding decoration however it enabled me to develop skills such as imagination, thoroughness, attention to detail and patience, which are so useful for my new career.

I have always been the creative type and have very high expectations from myself and others. When I take on a new project, I feel strongly about giving the best to achieve it and throw in as much time & energy as necessary. When I take on a decoration project, I take care of it with all my heart.

Celia - Our Decoration Expert

What do I love? I love life, my girls and the man I have shared my life with for over 15 years.

I enjoy great pleasures in life as much as small ones. I love spending time with friends & family, a good giggle, chocolate cakes and wedding decoration!

Family values are important to me and my natural sensibility allows me to comprehend how meaningful are magical moments such as your wedding. For this reason, I thrive to constantly do my utmost to understand your needs, meet your expectations and design your wedding decoration with care and attention.

I realised how much I enjoyed designing and creating decorations when I planned my daughters christening. Then I created my own wedding decoration entirely. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole preparation & creation process and absolutely loved getting inspiration from blogs, magazines and wedding shows.

Magali came across some of my creations and, as a wedding professional, saw the potential. As she was looking for someone to join the team as a decoration adviser/designer, she offered the opportunity to collaborate her and her team members based in the Poitou Charente region.

Very much like Magali and her team mates, I strongly believed that the ceremony is a crucial part of the wedding day and that it deserves to be decorated with as much care and love as the rest of your wedding venue. For this reason, I would be delighted to offer you my help for a carefully designed decoration with a French touch!

For more information on decoration for your wedding ceremony in France, contact me.