Can your Wedding Planner be your celebrant too?
Can your Wedding Planner be your celebrant too?
11 October 2016
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8 November 2016
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Here is an idea: The wool yarn ritual: It rolls!

The wool yarn ritual: It rolls!

Here is an idea: The wool yarn ritual: It rolls!

Dear Bride & Groom,

You have decided to get married and would like to mark your union with a secular or symbolic wedding ceremony in France? Excellent idea! You would like to conclude your symbolic wedding ceremony with a fun and engaging ritual? Even better! Here is an idea: The wool yarn ritual.

Let me tell you the story of a very touching couple I met who wished to celebrate their love in a personal manner with a symbolic wedding ceremony. For this reason, they had the brilliant idea to use Unique Ceremonies celebrant services.

The Bride dreamt of a magical moment filled with emotions, laughter and interaction with her loved ones. The Groom, passionately in love with his bride, only wished to make her happy…. A true fairy tale with the princess and her charming prince. They both knew their symbolic wedding ceremony had to be the opportunity for them to express their sincere wish to commit to each other and share this moment with their loved ones. As for the actual content and running order, they had no precise idea.

In fact, they were sure about wanting to exchange their vows and wedding rings but needed my help for everything else!

As weeks went by, we got to know each other and I realized they were keen to include some sort of ritual in their symbolic ceremony. I put together a list of ritual ideas, which I thought they may like but nothing really grabbed them. I went back to my drawing board, did some more research and found an original ritual, ideal to “break the ice” amongst and encourage the guests to enjoy themselves together during the ceremony. Good point actually: If your respective families and friends do not know each other or do not speak the same language, choose a ritual which encourages them to engage with each other without necessary having to talk. The wool yarn ritual does exactly that!

When I told them about this ritual, both the princess and the charming prince loved it as they saw it as a way to set the mood for the rest of the festivities and decided to go for it!

Now how to implement the wool yarn ritual? You need at least as many corks as you have guests (you know two for you too!) and different colour wool yarns. Roll some of the wool tight around each of the corks. Make a loop big enough to put a finger in it so that it is easy to keep a hold of the cork when throwing it.

On the Big Day, place the corks in a pretty basket, place it at the entrance of your ceremony area and ask your celebrant to invite your guests to take a cork before taking their seat. For the ultimate surprise effect, ask your celebrant not to reveal what the corks are for so that your guests wonder what they are for until the celebrant announces the ritual.

When the moment comes, the bride and groom are invited by their celebrant to throw their wool yarn into the crowd, preferably on each side of the aisle, which gives the guest the cue to throw their own yarn across the aisle. For the ritual to work, the celebrant will remind the guests to make sure they keep hold of their yarn whilst catching and throwing other people’s yarns.

Please bear in mind that this ritual is more likely to work if there is a central aisle as the dozens of threads will go over it and create a web under which the bride and groom will walk out.

I particularly like the fact that the web is not only interesting from an aesthetic point of view but also symbolises the bond between the bride and groom and their respective families who become one.

A few days before the ceremony, I frequently had cold sweats as I had never implemented this ritual before. I have several sleepless nights with visions of the ritual being a complete disaster. I imagined the bride & groom having to crawl underneath a messy wool web 50cm from the ground and the guests struggling to get the wool out of their sophisticated hairstyle.

Thankfully, it all well brilliantly! Successful venture! The guests had a great time, the bride and groom were delighted and I could finally relax!

For more information on this ritual, do not hesitate to contact us!