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Here is an idea: The wool yarn ritual: It rolls!
11 October 2016
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8 November 2016
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Unique Ceremonies On Radio Agora 106. FM

Unique Ceremonies On Radio Agora 106. FM

Unique Ceremonies On Radio Agora 106. FM

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to briefly present my company Unique Ceremonies on Radio Agora, a well-established local radio, which you may have heard about if you live in the Poitou Charente region.

Stéphane Vanstaens, who is one of the lead presenter of this dynamic and open-minded radio station, realised how unknown my profession was and thought that his listeners may wish to find out more about it.

Wedding Celebrants are often wrongly associated with Wedding Planners who take care of the whole event. A wedding celebrant is a professional who offers to take care of the designing, writing, decoration and celebration of your symbolic wedding ceremony in France.

A symbolic wedding ceremony is a secular ceremony, which therefore does not make any religious reference. It is also called a humanist wedding ceremony as it focuses on the human side of the commitment and talks about the couples personalities, values, cultures, etc. Such wedding ceremony is also an opportunity to involve loved ones such as parents, children and friends in a wide variety of ways according to their wishes.

For this reason, a symbolic wedding ceremony is ideal for couples who wish to get legally married in their home country and celebrate their union in one of the beautiful venues available in France with their loved ones as witnesses.

On the 18th October, Stephane kindly invited back for a second interview which was the opportunity for me to talk about Unique Ceremonies and the services we offer in more details and I am delighted to make the podcast available to you below.

Radio Agora is a community-focused local radio station based in Montmorillon and can be listened on 106.2 Fm. Radio Agora focuses on culture, local information and gives the opportunity to local actors to talk about projects and innovations taking place in the region.