For a revolution in marriage traditions?
For a revolution in marriage traditions?
29 September 2016
Estelle celebrant since 2014
Estelle, Wedding Celebrant since 2014
9 October 2016
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Richard, Wedding Celebrant since 2016

Richard, Wedding Celebrant since 2016

My name is Richard. I am British and recently acquired French citizenship as I have lived in France near Poitiers for over 10 years. I have an engineering background and I joined Unique Ceremonies just this year! I am therefore the only male celebrant in the team! I celebrate wedding ceremonies in English for an international clientele who wishes to gather family and friends in France to celebrate their love with a personalized wedding ceremony with a French touch.

My background has indeed been in engineering but please do not let that put you off…

More recently I have taken on a Key Account Manager role for an international company that allows me greater contact with clients and the international markets and I love it.

The opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds and cultures is one of the most satisfying aspects of this job. I firmly believe in order to understand and deliver the expectations of my clients you have to be sympathetic to their culture.

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Magali approached me to join the team for the 2016 season. I think (although you may want to ask yourself!) that she saw my understanding of different cultures as a fit into what we at unique ceremonies are trying to achieve.

We pride ourselves at listening to you and creating a ceremony that is simply unique to you and you alone.

My international experience plus my inquisitive nature to ask questions AND listen to the responses helps me to deliver on our promises with of course, a bit of the French culture thrown in.

As for the team I have known them from between 20 to 10 years as friends. As you can imagine being the newest member of the team and at the moment the only male, it is difficult for me to get a word in edgeways during our team meetings.

On a more serious note I see within unique ceremonies a company that is committed to delivering an exceptional service, as we say in sales “it beats it customers’ expectations”

So enjoy the website and if you like what you see, who knows, maybe I will see you on your big day, but if you want a male celebrant you better be quick as I am the only one!

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