Richard, Wedding Celebrant since 2016
Richard, Wedding Celebrant since 2016
9 October 2016
Virginie, Wedding Celebrant since 2012
Virginie Wedding Celebrant since 2012
10 October 2016
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Estelle, Wedding Celebrant since 2014

Estelle celebrant since 2014

Estelle, Wedding Celebrant since 2014

My name is Estelle. Qualified in Law, I also work as a legal trainer. I believe that Magali, whom I have known for over 10 years, appreciated how comfortable I am with public speaking so she offered to join the team in 2014. Unlike Magali, Virginie & Richard, My English is limited therefore I am delighted to take care of the French clientele.

I met Magali as she was working as a freelance translator and witnessed her involvement in the wedding world. In 2013, Magali asked me to work with her and I celebrated my very first wedding ceremony in 2014. As I cannot speak English unlike my colleagues, I have the pleasure to take care of the French clientele who wishes to mark their union with a made-to-measure wedding ceremony.

I am qualified in Law therefore, as far as I was concerned, getting married meant getting legally married and when Magali told me about her new job, I must admit I was not sure what she was talking about! In order to convince me, Magali invited to come along with her and attend to one of her wedding bilingual ceremonies.

I loved every minute of it and enjoyed the many personal touches, the involvement of loved ones, the relaxed atmosphere that Magali managed to create whilst constantly remaining professional. I realised the sheer amount of work it took to deliver such a personal ceremony: Getting to know the bride & groom, contacting their loved ones, liaising with other vendors involved, etc. so when Magali offered to join the venture, I was not sure whether I could meet her expectations but Magali trained me with patience, coached me during my first client meetings and gave me the confidence to deliver my first ceremony in the best possible conditions. Of course, I was extremely stressed but I was determined not to disappoint Magali so I did my best and it worked !

I have now celebrated over 20 ceremonies and I hope to carry on doing so for many years to come.

Nietzche said: ” Marriage thus I name the will of two to create the one “