Célia, our Wedding Decoration Expert
Célia, our Wedding Decoration expert
11 October 2016
Can your Wedding Planner be your celebrant too?
Can your Wedding Planner be your celebrant too?
11 October 2016

Role of your Wedding Celebrant

If you choose to use the services of a professional, your ceremony will be run by a celebrant also called master of ceremony who will take care of the writing and celebration of your wedding ceremony.

Unlike the « maire » in France, the registrar or the priest, a symbolic/humanist wedding celebrant has no legal authority and is therefore not appointed by any legal body. Theoretically, anyone can become a wedding celebrant however one needs to be aware of the huge responsibility of this very special mission.

When choosing a wedding celebrant, you should expect them to write the content of your ceremony according to your tastes and in a meaningful, respectful and suitable manner.

Also, any good wedding celebrant should make sure that you are planning to get legally married in France or in your country of origin before proceeding with the symbolic ceremony. Under article 433-21 of the French penal code, a religious minister who performs on a regular basis wedding ceremonies without ensuring prior to such ceremony that a legal binding union actually took place shall be subject to a 7.500 € fine and to a 6-month prison sentence.

No such laws apply to symbolic wedding celebrants to this date however in cover such constraints in the future, any professional celebrant should make sure that couples get legally married prior to the symbolic wedding ceremony. This approach proves the celebrant’s professionalism as well as the couples’ genuine intention to commit to each other and treat their symbolic ceremony with due respect.

Your wedding celebrant should display the necessary skills to set up a trusting relationship such as patience and empathy and show a sincere interest in getting to know you & identifying your needs. The wedding celebrant’s role is to guide you through the journey to your dream wedding ceremony.

« Our » brides and grooms often describe us as conductors of an orchestra, which we find very flattering as it perfectly sums up the role we play. Our wedding celebrants should display the authority and charisma required to lead the ceremony without taking over. We know when to be at the centre of the ceremony and when our presence should hardly be noticed to allow the couple to express their feelings to each other. We are aware that our role goes far beyond writing a script as our clients expect us to guide them, write their story, convey their emotions and celebrate their union with respect, professionalism, confidence and humour.

In conclusion, the role of a professional wedding celebrant is to make sure that you and your guests remember your wedding ceremony as a magical, privileged, timeless, unique moment in your life!

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