Wedding celebrant for the Dordogne region
Wedding Celebrant for the Dordogne region
11 June 2019
Gabriel Wedding Celebrant Occitanie
Gabriel Wedding Celebrant Occitanie
14 June 2019
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Severine, Wedding Celebrant Brittany

Severine, Wedding Celebrant Brittany

Severine Wedding Celebrant Brittany

Dear future newlyweds,

My name is Séverine. I have recently and happily joined Unique Ceremonies and I am covering the Brittany region which I settled in just over 2 years ago.

You have elected Brittany to hold your wedding ceremony. Here is already something we have in common! I got married in Morbihan one year ago and had a wedding ceremony at home, surrounded by my loved ones. This was a truly unique and emotional moment and I would be honoured to contribute to creating your very special moment.

Assigning a wedding celebrant to highlight your ceremony requires mutual confidence in order for it to be outstanding (yes, you deserve no less than that) and I believe it is my role to help you build it.

Introducing myself is my first step. I am a French citizen who happened to live in many English- speaking countries (UK, Ireland, Canada, USA, Australia and NZ). As a result, I can say without any pretention that I am perfectly fluent in English. This is one of the practical aspects of living abroad. In fact, I have learned so much more than a language and its nuances. These various experiences have enabled me to be versatile, open-minded, empathic, genuinely enriched by cultural differences and equipped with a wider sense of humour. No wonder why I am ending up in Magali’s team 😊. When I came back from travelling, I felt naturally attracted to Brittany (well, I grew up in Loire-Atlantique which is culturally linked to Brittany anyway). Wilderness, landscape variety, history, welcoming people, dances, music, food, language, etc. How could one resist? I now live in a stone house in a large field and I am dedicating a considerable amount of my time upgrading my habitat following the principles of permaculture which consist of “human care, earth care and fair share”. In this context, becoming a wedding celebrant makes perfect sense to me. Besides, I feel comfortable speaking before an audience.

Do you feel I may be the wedding celebrant you are seeking? I would be thrilled to prove you right. Whether you are holding your ceremony in Finistère, Côtes d’Armor, Morbihan, Ille-et-Vilaine or even Loire-Atlantique, I will endeavour to deliver the best service, building for you the bespoke wedding ceremony that you wish, unique just like you.

I look forward to hearing from you…


Severine Wedding Celebrant Brittany

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