An almost perfect wedding
An almost perfect wedding
3 April 2017
Unique Ceremonies Retrospect 2016
Unique Ceremonies, 2016 in retrospect
3 April 2017

Symbolic Wedding Ceremony: The bridal bouquet is being thrown again

Dear Brides & Grooms,

Brides who choose to have a symbolic or secular wedding ceremony hesitate to include traditional elements to their big day as they fear it may be perceived as inappropriate. For this reason, we have found that few of them chose to throw their bouquet although this traditional exercise tends to come back into fashion.

Over the past few years, there was not much « bouquet throwing » going on. Here is a few possible reasons: When symbolic wedding ceremonies first came out as a new concept a few decades ago, couples felt strongly about making a statement and claiming to stray from traditions and social constraints, therefore anything to do with traditions was rejected.

Also, bouquets nowadays are more than just a few flowers put together: they are true works of art and often represent a significant chunk of the wedding budget. For this reason, brides would rather keep their beautiful bouquet as a memento of their big day rather than throwing it into a crowd of bridesmaids ready to throw themselves into a ruthless scrum just as a professional rugby team!

Finally, according to ancestral traditions the bridal bouquet ought to be thrown just outside the church. For this reason, many couples felt they should not include this traditional element in their secular ceremony or decided to throw their bouquet just after their first dance.

Nevertheless, as wedding celebrants, we have found that more and more couples decided to reestablish this tradition. Very much like the secular ceremony also called humanist ceremony, the throwing of the bouquet often features in US series and films and many couples are keen to reproduce the image of the American wedding taking place in a splendid and romantic outdoor spot.

Some claim that this tradition is French whereas others give it an Anglo-Saxon origin, however all agree that, according to the legend, the bride should turn her back to the crowd and throw her bouquet and that the lucky catcher shall be next to be wedded.

In conclusion, if you wish to add a traditional touch to your wedding, do not hesitate to throw your bridal bouquet! One tip for you: If you would like to save your bouquet as a keepsake, as your florist to arrange an identical but smaller (therefore cheaper) version of the real thing!

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