7 Tips to write your own wedding vows
13 February 2017
Symbolic Wedding Ceremony - The bridal bouquet is being thrown again
Symbolic Wedding Ceremony: The bridal bouquet is being thrown again
3 April 2017
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An almost perfect wedding

An almost perfect wedding

An almost perfect wedding

Dear Brides & Grooms,

The good news is that you just got engaged and set your wedding date. The bad news is that the countdown has started! Now you have joined the future brides & grooms community, you have visited wedding websites, read blogs and magazines and followed their advice, the most important one being: “Planning, planning, planning”. The best way to enjoy your Big Day is indeed to plan as much as you possibly can and surround yourself with reliable wedding professionals you trust.

You probably noticed that the tile of this post is « An ALMOST perfect wedding ». The reason I insist on “ALMOST” is that I am convinced that there is no such thing as a perfect wedding and it is just as well. If your wedding is planned by the minute, it will leave little room for spontaneity, emotions and authenticity.

As a celebrant, when preparing a wedding ceremony, my mission is to write and celebrate the ceremony but I believe that my role is also to offer my experience to the couples I work with and encourage them to accept that, no matter how much effort they put into their wedding planning, they are never safe from unpredictable circumstances.

Beware though as there is the predictable unexpected:


Your bridal bouquet is made of flowers which release bright yellow pollen which inevitably lands on your wedding dress in less time you need to say « Yes I do » – Predictable – Any good florist will choose a suitable flower arrangement to avoid you such regrettable inconvenience.

Your ridiculously expensive but So gorgeous stilettos cause you excruciating pain the minute you slip your feet in them – Predictable – Make sure you wear your wedding shoes on several occasion to make sure you look a million dollar and feel comfortable.

Your grand-mother cannot reach the terrace which overlooks the château grounds because the way to access it to climb 50 irregular and slippery steps dating from the 17th century and your grand-mother happens to be in a wheelchair – Predictable – When choosing your wedding venue, check accessibility for your guests with reduced mobility or pushchairs or for those who forgot their climbing boots.

And the unpredictable unexpected:


You are cutting through your wedding cake with such enthusiasm that starts to sway dangerously and finally falls on the table – Unpredictable – Relax, your caterer will use his skills to make things right and your photograph will capture this moment and offer you memorable images you will laugh about.

During your outdoor ceremony, lightning rips across the sky just as you exchange the traditional wedding kiss – Unpredictable – I chose this example as I experienced this very situation whilst celebrating a wedding ceremony in the Dordogne region. Everyone burst out laughing and the couple carried on kissing passionately

Your wedding ceremony takes place in the beautiful grounds of a French château and a herd of hens decides to crash your wedding – Unpredictable. Again, I am talking from experience and it is up to your celebrant to improvise and integrate your uninvited guests into your ceremony.

Your wedding, this milestone in your existence, which you took months to organise will pass quickly so take the time to appreciate each moment, planned or not. Choose your vendors carefully and trust them to take care of any unforeseen circumstances. Keep smiling and keep things into perspective: What REALLY matters is that you are getting married to the person you love.

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