29-Unique Ceremonies is looking for wedding celebrants in France
Unique Ceremonies is looking for wedding celebrants in France
4 September 2017
Rachel, our new bilingual Wedding Celebrant for Nouvelle Aquitaine
Rachel, our new bilingual Wedding Celebrant for Nouvelle Aquitaine
25 October 2017

Wedding Celebrant a Real Added Value

About 10 years ago, few people knew what a secular wedding ceremony was, let alone a symbolic wedding celebrant. Today, this profession has gained increasing recognition amongst couples and other wedding vendors.

As years went by, symbolic wedding ceremonies have become a key part of the wedding day. More and more couples consider this event as their real wedding and are prepared to allocate a part of their wedding budget to the professional design and celebration of their symbolic wedding ceremony.

Wedding professionals adjust their service to this new concept. For example, some wedding venues such as the Château de Puyrigaud in Léoville (See photo), offer an area specifically set up and equipped with wooden benches, stage, arch, etc ; Some Dj’s will offer you to take care of the music during your symbolic wedding ceremony as part of their service ; Some florists and photographers also offer their services for your symbolic wedding ceremony.

Very much like wedding planners who managed to establish themselves as key players on your wedding day, wedding celebrants are working hard to prove they can be a genuine added value.

This profession is therefore very promising and likely to be expanding over the next few years. Beware though as no regulations apply to this day and no actual training is compulsory. As a consequence, rates and quality levels vary considerably.

I have worked as a wedding celebrant in France for over 8 years and I have found that rates go from as little as 300€ to over 3,000€. Let’s say that the average price for a bespoke wedding ceremony is around 800€ plus travel costs if applicable.

Wedding Celebrant in France

Due to the mild French climate, good celebrants generally work between April and October, June and September being extremely popular as people hope to avoid the very high temperatures usually recorded in July and August in some parts of the country.

I find my role extremely rewarding as it gives me the opportunity to discover stunning venues, meet with other wedding professionals and prepare unique wedding ceremonies for couples just as unique and touching. What more could I ask!

If you consider becoming a wedding celebrant in France, why don’t you join our team. Contact us

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