Decoration tips for your indoor symbolic wedding
Decoration tips for your indoor symbolic wedding
2 May 2017
Wedding ceremony: Celebrant tips in case of a heat wave
Wedding ceremony: Celebrant tips in case of a heat wave
21 July 2017

Wedding ceremony: Celebrant tips in case of rain

Dear bride & groom,

You are planning a symbolic wedding ceremony in France? You are dreaming of a fairy tale wedding ceremony in the beautiful gardens of a villa in Provence, the grounds of a Château in Charente or on a beach in Normandy? If it is the case, I bet that your main concern is: “Rain, go away, come back another day”.

After 8 years working full-time as a wedding celebrant in France and over 100 ceremonies celebrated in many parts of the country, I realised how concerned bridal couples were about the impact rain would have on the most important day of their lives.

Rain is indeed a major factor to take into consideration when planning your wedding ceremony. If you are getting married in France, you are very likely to enjoy dry weather in most parts of the country, however there is a small possibility that rain comes and gate crashes your wedding so, in order to allow you to prepare yourself as much as you possibly can, here is a few tips:

Celebrant tips in case of rain

1. Preferably choose a wedding venue which offers a contingency plan suitable for the number of guests you are planning to have (reception room, barn, etc. if you fell in love with a venue, which does offer such option, allocate some money for the rental of a marquee large enough to comfortably accommodate your guests (Allow 1sqm per person).

2. Check the 5-day weather forecast to prepare yourself psychologically for the possibility of an indoor wedding ceremony. Make an executive decision 48 hours before the Big Day at the latest and stick to it. You will undoubtedly be tempted to wait till the last minute to make your mind up, however I strongly advise you not to keep your hopes up for too long. Trust me: This decision may be difficult to make but it will avoid you unnecessary stress and allow you and your chosen vendors (Wedding planner, decorator, florist, etc.) to carry on wedding preparations in the best conditions. Over the years, I have found that weather forecasts are usually accurate. Pretty much every time couples chose to ignore weather forecasts, they and their guests had to race for shelter when heavens opened and ended up crammed in a tiny room.

3. Relax and do not resent Mother Nature: Once you have come to terms with the fact that your wedding ceremony will take place indoors, you will be able to relax and enjoy every moment exactly as you should. Think about it : Which memories would you prefer to keep of your wedding preparations? A relaxing hair & make-up session sipping a glass of wine with your bridesmaids whilst your photographer takes beautiful images of you, the happy and gorgeous bride to be or a totally panic-stricken woman on the brink of a nervous breakdown who frantically rushes to the window to check the weather whilst having her nails done?

4. Remember what really matters: Like all the couples I have had the pleasure to work with, you probably chose to have a symbolic wedding ceremony because it gives you the opportunity to express your feeling towards each other and share this privileged moment with those who count. That’s what matters! Remember: Those who matter don’t mind, those who mind don’t matter.

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