Estelle celebrant since 2014
Estelle, Wedding Celebrant since 2014
9 October 2016
Magali Wedding Celebrant since 2009
Magali Wedding Celebrant since 2009
10 October 2016
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Virginie Wedding Celebrant since 2012

Virginie, Wedding Celebrant since 2012

Virginie, bilingual wedding celebrant in Provence since 2012

Virginie, Wedding Celebrant since 2012

Dear Bride & Groom,

My name is Virginie.

Magali and I have been friends for over 30 years. We completed the same studies and went to the same universities. Later on, we worked abroad and we regularly met in all corners of the globe. Thanks to our experiences, we both learned about the many cultural differences, which we found extremely interesting.

Our various experiences and jobs led us to discover many different cultures and environments, which allows us now to take what we have learnt on board to offer guidance & ideas to suit each couple’s values, education & cultural background.

I have organised and held many conferences and presentations in French and in English and German. For this reason, I feel very comfortable with public speaking and catching people’s attention.

In 2011, Magali offered me to join the Unique Ceremonies team. I accepted her offer with pleasure and pride as I was delighted that Magali believed that I had the qualities required and the human skills to become a good celebrant. I attended several of the ceremonies she conducted and celebrated my very first ceremony in 2012!

I am based in the Provence Côte d’Azur region and have celebrated approx. 80 ceremonies. I feel so honoured when I see how happy “my” lovely couples are, how proud their families feel and I hope I will be able to be a wedding celebrant for many years to come and continue, as Magali likes to say, to spread happiness!